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Onshore Power Supply

SAM Electronics

SAM Electronics, an internationally-renowned systems company, is a leading partner of shipping companies, navies and shipyards worldwide. Our capability is based on more than 100 years´ experience.

Operating from headquarters in Hamburg and supported by a worldwide network of subsidiaries, associate companies and agents, we provide innovative state-of-the-art system solutions and products designed to meet the most exacting requirements for ships of all types and sizes. These range from coastal and inland shipping vessels, ocean-going container carriers and gas tankers to specialist offshore, environmental and research ships as well as ferries, cruiseliners and yachts.

We offer specialised capabilities in the design and development of specific maritime equipment technologies. These include advanced dieselelectric propulsion systems, shaft alternators for economic power generation, shipborne automated monitoring and control systems, navigation and communication technologies, integrated vessel control systems, entertainment as well as safety and security systems.

Our scope ranges from highly sophisticated and proven system installations to standardized systems and individual products for retrofit applications.

Growing demands for complex vessel types set higher standards for technical know-how and project management competency. Realising complete turnkey solutions for vessels of all types and sizes confirms our role as a capable partner for the shipbuilding industry. 

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