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Onshore Power Supply

NG3 : New Generation, Natural Gas

Natural Growth NG3 is a start-up company created in October 2012 by Damien Feger. NG3 is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions to improve the shipping and harbor industries energy efficiency and environmental footprint. NG3 first activities will focus on the exploitation of the “PLUG” shore connection and argon tank insulation technologies. PLUG Is the world first solution to establish a safe, reliable, Multi Mega Watt, and High Voltage (up to 11 000 Volts) ship shore power connection. Within a minute PLUG relies on an innovative automatic connector technology which, beyond safety gains and superior speed of operations, allows an extremely compact and low cost installation on board (typically within one frame space) , making shore power affordable even for retrofit case on existing ships. On the terminal side, PLUG technology can be easily tailored to site specific constraints such as tide, quay geometry, etc.