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Onshore Power Supply


First port in the Netherlands
In June 2012 the port of Rotterdam was the first port in the Netherlands to install OPS for maritime shipping in its port. The new installations have been installed at two berths of the terminal of Stena Line. Four ferries of this operator will make use of these new facilities. By connecting to shore side electricity the Stena Line ferries can switch off their engines whilst docked.

Involved stakeholders and investments
Both the Port of Rotterdam and Stena Line as well as the municipality and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment  have been involved in this project. The municipality, port authority and Dutch Ministry have invested 2.7 million euros in the on shore installation, while Stena Line invested the same amount in the technical adjustments of the four ferries.  

The system

The 3.5 MW system can be classified as a highvoltage system (11 kV). One of the units, a cable dispenser system enables the two freight ferries, the Stena Transit and Stena Transporter, which service the Killinghome UK route, to plug in to shore side electricity. The second unit is installed at the passenger berth and provides the Stena Britannica and Stena Hollandica with shore side electricity. Both passenger ferries service the Harwich UK route. Frequency converters were needed to convert the standard AC frequency in Europe (50 Hz) to 60 Hz as is mostly used by vessels as system frequency.

Environmental impacts
The OPS installation contributes to the sustainability objectives of StenaLine and the Port of Rotterdam. On an annual basis the installation will reduce 7500 tonnes of CO2, 120 tonnes of NOx and 4 tonnes of PM10 emissions. Due to these emission savings the air quality in the near area will improve significantly and noise nuisance will be reduced to a minimum. Because of the positive environmental impacts of the OPS installation Stena Line has been awarderd with the KNVR Shipping Award 2012.

Future plans
Due to the high investments cost there are currently no specific plans to install more OPS connections for maritime shipping. However, new quays and old quays (during renovation)  will be prepared for OPS installations in the future.

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